V’s Kitchen

Vibha D Dhawan

Welcome to V’s Kitchen!

This is where I come to experiment with and share unique recipes from all around the world.

My passion for exploring epicurean delights began as a young girl, inspired partly by my mother’s love of cooking, and her desire to experiment with local ingredients and cultural dishes. Naturally, my appetite for cooking intensified as I travelled the globe, and that means that many of the recipes I share here are souvenirs of the meals I sampled during my travel adventures.

In addition to being an online space for sharing all things related to food and cooking, V’s Kitchen is also a unique cooking and dining concept in Dubai. After speaking with dozens of food-lovers who were craving a unique activity, I decided to launch a hands-on group cooking concept where foodies join me in my home for a very relaxed and interactive cooking experience.

“Spending an evening in cooking in V’s Kitchen was just like hanging out with fabulous foodie friends. Vibha’s approach to teaching is warm, informative and inclusive. Her recipes are easy yet absolutely scrumptious and definitely ones I’d make over and over again.” – Tiffany

“This is one of the best cooking classes I have attended. It was a fun, interactive class where you get to try the food you make as your making it. The recipes were easy to make and absolutely delicious. I will be back to learn more!” – Dhishni

My goal is to take the intimidation out of cooking by combining enthusiastic groups with vibrant recipes and thoughtful instruction. My classes are designed for beginners and the most advanced at-home chefs, which gives everyone the experience of creating delicious innovative cuisine with bold and creative flavours.

“An excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon! The perfect balance of learning, interaction and fun! Thank you for making cooking so interesting and accessible. Can’t wait to see what’s cooking in V’s Kitchen next…” – Aditi

“Surprisingly easy and healthy recipes resulting in the most delicious food  Vibha is full of spontaneous ideas and alternate options. She was so encouraging, super fun, attentive and an absolute blast to cook with! I will definitely be trying the recipes and coming back for more
classes!” – Neha

This experience is also perfect for celebrating birthdays, bachelorette parties, date night, girls night out or to meet like-minded foodies in the city. If you’re interested in joining me, please get in touch by emailing vibha@voyageurchic.com

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